The Health Alliances Network is a US public benefit corporation, based in New York City. We specialize in health sciences education, specifically by:

  • qualifying new entrants into the health and healthcare industries through specialized training
  • providing ongoing medical continuing education to qualified physicians
  • delivery of wellness and custom programs, and
  • sharing innovative products and updated research and findings.

Our organization is focused on medical/healthcare and health/wellness through two distinctions: thansMedical® and thansWellness®.

Since our inception in 2015, we have launched thansWellness® through two product offerings: thansWellness®Learning Holidays and The Health Alliances Network Licensed Programs featuring United Pilates™. In 2017-2019, we will launch thansMedical® and its program offerings.

thansWellness® offers several program and service offerings, they are:

  • Certification Programs for entrants into the Wellness Industry,
  • Retreats and Learning Holidays for personal and professional interests, and
  • Branded Products.

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