The Health Alliances Network is a US public benefit corporation, based in New York City. We specialize in health sciences education: qualifying new entrants into the industry through specialized training to medical continuing education, wellness and custom programs, and sharing innovative products and updated findings.

Our organization is focused on medical/healthcare and health/wellness through two distinctions: ThanMedical and ThanWellness.

Since our inception this year, we have launched ThanWellness through two product offerings: ThanWellness Learning Holidays and The Health Alliances Network Licensed Programs, in particular, The United Pilates™ Teaching System. In 2017, we will launch ThanMedical and its program offerings.

ThanWellness offers several program and service offerings, they are: Certification Programs for entrants into the Wellness Industry, Retreats and Learning Holidays for personal and professional interests, and Branded Products.

In our selection process for brands, programs, and products, we look, first and foremost, on the impact of increasing personal wellbeing, reliable delivery of its presenters as a disseminator of grounded information and teaching, and ease of continuity (enhanced efficacy through continuity) for our clients and students.

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Reversing Effects Of Sedentary Lifestyle: 1 Hour Of Daily Exercise May Keep You Healthy

“For many people who commute to work and have office-based jobs, there is no way to escape sitting for prolonged periods of time. For these people in particular, we cannot stress enough the importance of getting exercise, whether it’s getting out for a walk at lunchtime, going for a run in the morning or cycling to work,” he said. “An hour of physical activity per day is the ideal, but if this is unmanageable, then at least doing some exercise each day can help reduce the risk.”

ThanSociety® Meta: What is Health?

What is a benefit corporation and why would the world need one specific to the health and medical profession? 

A benefit corporation is a private entity with a strong (externally accountable) social and environmental mission and objective that is tied into its business function.

In business, bottom and top lines are the viability that companies seek to maintain and progress. The benefit corporation exists to meet the invisible line, made tangible, by intentional efforts in addressing and applying real world change to a demand in our global society. The Health Alliances Network is focused on one specific benefit and cause: Health.

So, what is Health?

Think back to the (first) time you spent time defining health for your own life purposes. Is it an image of you looking a particular physique? Reaching a desired fitness level? Or getting a clear bill of health from your medical check ups?

To all those questions: are the answers the equation of Health? And has your answers evolved through the years? Or is the idea of Health just beginning to crystallize in its meaning, for you?

Medicine is for curing. Wellness for appreciating life. But Health is a sometimes abstract concept.

All humans fall into the trappings of busyness. From the youngest of our communities to the oldest. Stress studies and research has not decreased in the last thirty years nor will there be any less ‘blame’ for stress being a root cause to critical (lack of health) conditions. Yet, when professionals tell us (and themselves) to reduce stress, what is it that they are trying to convey?

Global Health

We spend a lot of time on the appearance of Health, and even more time in maintaining activities and practices that may have little (or no impact) to our actual natural energy and resources. Even less effort is placed on creating an optimal future (and aging — well).

Science continues to try true methods for greater efficacy; guiding misplaced or misunderstood ideologies and solutions. Professionals in this industry labor for attainment of health (for the sick) to creating health (for the healthy?). And our gifted and well trained professionals many have diverse opinions and understandings.

Sharing information and innovations will pronounce and perhaps even further define human health. Taking the sophisticated technique, research, solutions, concepts and management to the mass populace will be an ongoing mission and generator of greater good (and advancement).

We don’t live in a world free from disease. If anything, our advances in transportation, architecture and urban planning has tightened our global responsibility toward one self and our neighbors. Even if we lack the know-how or capacity to make a (permanent) global change, with immediacy, we can make an impression by improving our own lives. Through our own increase in health, perhaps as a collective, we can be a greater source of systematic Social Health. And that, is the starting dialog of why The Health Alliances Network exists.

We hope you will take an interest in our efforts.

Join us by contributing your knowledge, service, resource and or participation. There is still lots to learn from one another.

In and for Good Health.
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