Introduction to Pilates

Introduction to Joseph Pilates and  The United Pilates™ Teaching System

Joseph Pilates created Contrology in the 1920s during years of hardship in Europe prior to immigrating to America. The work, now synonymous to the creator, is referred by many as “pilates”.  

Many confuse this extraordinary work with yoga, although, kinetically speaking, the two are quite different. Joseph Pilates was a pioneer and visionary, ahead of his time, as the exercises prove its efficacy (over time) through the lens of studies and experimentation by sports trainers, researchers, and rehabilitative experts. Some exercises have been modified to suit the purposes of physiotherapists and studio trainers, but much of what is offered to the healthy public falls under two categories: the classical and contemporary approaches. After several decades since its debut to the mass public, the exercise program and method is found in gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs around the world.

The success of pilates as an exercise movement has little to do with hype and fad. Other complementary movements and systems have also found similar esteem as their methods were tried and tested through time. Similarly, the authors and founders of these unique movement (sciences) have all been exemplary students of the human body. Looking specifically at how the body functions and moves with space, gravity, changes, injuries, health, and ailments.

7041281_origJoseph Pilates’ Contrology, as taught through the United PilatesTeaching System, is an inquiry to the prescribed methods and exercises; in context with our current knowledge of health science and optimization of biomechanics. Each United Pilates™ Teaching System certificate programs is delivered and hosted with The Health Alliance Network; through dedicated partners and gifted educators. Classes focus on the intent of the choreography sequence and approaches with the purpose of attaining a solid foundation in anatomy and physiology training in harmony with the modern population.

The United Pilates Teaching System was created to welcome and train (new and experienced) members into the pilates, studio fitness, and wellness industry and community, through a constructive and comprehensive program that herald the works of past generations, which delivers and maintains Joseph’s original intent: bringing fullness of life to people through exercise and mobility.

Through the course of four certificate programs, anyone with little (to no) pilates, anatomy, or personal training background or experience can become fully certified pilates instructors (as recognized by the Pilates Method Alliance). Each program builds from the central piece, Mat Course, which fosters self practice and begins the teaching practice.

From the first class, the teacher trainee will learn to:

  • present important science-based knowledge in anatomy and physiology,
  • teach in an encouraging and methodological way,
  • assess the needs, and design classes, to help clients reach their fitness goals, and
  • know the sequence and difference between classical and contemporary movements.

We encourage you to learn more about our programs for qualifying individuals and personal enrichment. Hope to see you at one of our courses.

img_0195The United PilatesTeaching System has sought the strict guidance and compliance required by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (USA) for their continuing education units.

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