Introducing Doris Pasteleur Hall

Doris Pasteleur Hall is the Program Director and Master Trainer at United Pilates™. Doris brings over 30 years of teaching experience to our students. She has been a teacher trainer since 1997 at PhysicalMind and Balanced Body prior to joining United Pilates™. Doris has conducted numerous workshops internationally on anatomy and movement. As one of the first students of Tom Meyer’s Anatomy Trains, Doris’ teaching is rooted in a deep understanding of kinetic anatomy, body language from kinesis, and neuro-musculo dynamics. In her own practice, she is a renown movement educator, assisting students/clients to recover from injuries and pain. Outside of her practice, her research has centered on somatic modalities of Laban, Body-Mind Centering, and Anatomy in Clay. She has trained and taught at Carol Trier’s Pilates Studio, White Cloud, and the first Gyrotonic studio. We are honored and grateful to present one of the strongest teachers of movement, dance, pilates, and yoga to you.

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The United Pilates™ program in New York City


The United Pilates™ programs are a qualifying series for fitness and wellness enthusiasts to become certified Pilates instructor. The human body moves and strengthens dynamically and beneficially through the Joseph Pilates method. At the end of the course you will learn to teach both classical and contemporary forms of Pilates; with teaching skills and understanding anchored in biomechanics. The United Pilates™ programs are accredited National Academy of Sports Medicine. 

img_0195The United Pilates™ Teaching System has sought the strict guidance and compliance required by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (USA) for their continuing education units.

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