Medical and Health Reporting

The Health Alliances Network is a public benefit based in New York. We are currently preparing to launch our Thought Leadership Series and are looking for highly competent and qualified writers within the Medical and Health sectors. This includes:

  • Traditional Healthcare (please no healthcare policy writers):
    • Services: Clinical Improvements and Administrations
    • Procedures: Breakthrough Science and Retrospective Values
    • Pharma: Dosage and Alternative Use for different conditions and ailments
  • Modern and Innovative Health and Medicine Research
    • Pending Patents Sharing from Original Scientists and Students
    • Rising Talents, College: Life Sciences and Health Sciences thoughts and social commentators
      • We would really love to hear from you on your thoughts on prevention, healing, and life management.
  • Health, Wellness, and Fitness:
    • Brand Representatives: we welcome your condensed press releases on product releases that relates well to our philosophy.
    • New Eastern Medicine: we don’t like the word “Alternative Healthcare”, if you share that same view and have a wealth of information and research to substantiate the healing properties and claims, we welcome your research submission and blog sharing.
    • Botanical Medicine
    • Exercise and Physical Activities
  • Medical and Health Businesses

Send your blog, vlog, and other social engagement material to us:

  • Related Topics: Careers & Work, Health, Wellness, Medical, Writers, Research, Thesis, College

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